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Cyber Security Training

If you really want to make a difference in the cyber security of your organization start with employees.

We create a security awareness program that creates an impact by taking away all the guess work and assumptions of your employees on how to deal with spam emails, phishing, and malicious attacks.

Many a times its more than having a security policy. The awareness training helps the team to interpret the policies in the right sense and apply social skills to defend attacks on your business. We include actionable tasks, helpful tips and real-life scenario simulations so that you team is geared with necessary cyber security skills irrespective of their roles in the business.

Speak to our consultant to know more about training programs that fits your budgets.

Cyber Security Awareness Training

We understand that regardless of industry type or organization size, every business will benefit from training employees to defend against threats and cyber-attacks.

Our security awareness training services covers the following topics are designed to bring in heightened awareness among employees irrespective of their technology knowledge and background.

The key areas we deliver training programs are:

  • Cyber Security

    Introduction to information security, defining the responsibility of the individual employee and best practices in data protection.

  • Passwords

    Establish importance complex passwords, email security, encryption, and multi-factor authentication.

  • Connectivity

    Understand the impact of information sharing across the internet and the difference between secure and insecure Wi-Fi connections.

  • Social Engineering

    Insights to social engineering scams including phishing, spear-phishing, vishing, smishing, pretexting, baiting, tailgating, and quid pro quo.

  • Incident Reporting

    Create a culture of security where potential security threats is recognized, reported, and rewarded.

  • Insider Threat

    Identify the different types of insiders to ultimately raise red flags and report suspicious activity.

  • Devices

    Vulnerabilities in personal devices including laptops, cell phones, IoT devices, fax machines and printers. Learn how to properly dispose of equipment securely and ways to best secure devices for minimal risk exposure.

  • Malicious Attacks

    Different types of attacks seeking to spread malware and other malicious software to perform nefarious actions against your organization including worms, viruses, bots and botnets, trojan horses, ransomware, adware, spyware, and spam.