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Cyber Security Services

Cybersecurity is all about attaining a proactive level of protection on network, programs, performance of devices and keeping your data safe and secure. Malicious attacks are designed to access, alter, delete, destroy or extort an organization’s or user's systems and sensitive data and this is exactly what we are fighting against.
Every business that has an online presence, should advance with cybersecurity measures, including firewalls, encrypted connections, data leak protection and ransomware protection.


Our expertise

We help you to resist cyber-attacks.

Since the world is becoming more interconnected, sophisticated attack methods have increased and big & small businesses are under threat from such attacks. Let us be your trusted compliance and risk program advisor with cost-effective technology to reduce your enterprise-wide cyber risks.

The services we offer includes:


Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Digiport helps you defend vulnerabilities by identifying, evaluating, treating, and reporting security issues in the network, devices and domains.We use advanced technology and tools to create an intruder environment and help you remediate the penetration gaps to fight against the next gen cybercrimes. Our scope also covers a free re-assessment of the remediations that the business has adapted once we expose the penetration gaps through our tests. VAPT is therefore a regulatory and compliance requirement for financial institutions, hospitals and other business that hosts customer data for its day-to-day operations.

  Risk Advisory services

Manage your risks, compliance, and governance by teaming up with our expert consultants. Reduce your technical risks and manage security services. We have helped organizations to considerably reduce their IT support and services cost by helping them re-assess their IT strategy and ecosystem. We work on technologies and combinations of strategies to protect the organizations business interests to keep up with the dynamic environment.

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Key Benefits

  • Proactively identify your gaps and remediate them
  • Secure data of customer and prevent a reputational and financial loss
  • Have a long term IT strategy and costing
  • Meet the compliance standards
  • Protect your business from cyber crimes
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