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Online shopping is on the rise, making the move to an online store has enormous benefits. But launching a website and mobile app can be overwhelming. We provide solutions based on first-hand experience with website builders to help you make the best decision for your needs and get your store online in no time.

Introducing e-order to expand your business to a digital world. Acquire new and retain existing customers by giving them convenience to see your products and offers, buy, and make payments online by opening your own online store for small business. Eorder is the best online store for small business with own brand identity and need not share your customers and profits with aggregators anymore. We help you keep the full profits and manage customer relationships.



With e-order you can launch your digital store and e-commerce platform within few hours and no IT infrastructure at all. We help business migrate to online business models with no set up costs thereby ensuring that you achieve ROI from the first day onwards. Sell online easily and ship orders to customers or give local delivery depending on your business type. The app is designed with a user- friendly interface and all technology updates and design updates are provided with no additional cost at all.

You can now confidently run promotion on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more to gain immediate conversions for online sales. We will also assist you to optimize your online presence with our expertise in digital strategy and tool kits..


With e-order you can start selling your products free as it is the best ecommerce platform for online business with no set up costs at all. We do not burden your business with any hidden costs as well. Our pricing is transparent and pay as you go to match your business needs. We offer different subscription models to reduce cost for your business to help you chose the best app for online shopping experience.

It has never been easier to create your very own mobile app and make money from online business. Our solution is one of the best mobile app platform in the UAE used by groceries, supermarkets, rent a car businesses, restaurants and more. Setting up eorder requires no technology experience or coding knowledge. We assist you for the end-to-end process from Logo, Branding, inventory updating, product images, pricing list, offer creation etc.

We offer free training to your staff to manage products and pricing on an ongoing basis.

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