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NMC ProVita Partner with Digiport Technologies, to up the cyber security game in healthcare.

NMC ProVita International Medical Centre LTD, is the UAE’s largest provider of post-acute care and rehabilitation services. Covering patients of all ages, it provides Long Term Care, Post-acute Rehabilitation, Outpatient Rehabilitation, Home Haemodialysis& Home Health Services.

Digiport is one of the leading cybersecurity and digital transformation players in the UAE with a strengthened array of experience, innovative solutions, moral values and successful results generation. By making use of our high-quality resources and advanced technology, we deliver superior, long-range economic benefits to clients.
NMC ProVita partners with DigiportTechnologies to implement secured Mobile Device Management within the hospital premises to secure patient data and centralize the device management and cyber security
infrastructure. This move enables NMC with digital capabilities to keep hackers at bay and the same time offer convenience to patients and operational efficiency within the organization.

The information accessed through Patient Information System is of great interest to hackers. Blood type, past surgeries and diagnoses, and other personal health information are contained in the patient record, as these records include private data like name, date of birth, insurance, and health provider information, as well as health and genetic information; it is not possible to reverse the loss of privacy or to reverse psychosocial harm when private data are compromised from healthcare providers. Implementing the next-gen cyber security solutions protect health care providers and related stakeholders like employees, patients, affiliates etc from reputational and financial loss.
“Lack of awareness about the latest cyber security risks and security tools can increasingly affect all levels of society. It takes the hackers and criminals just a few strokes on the network to initiate an attack on business and disrupt the environment. Healthcare industry is not immune to such attacks, in fact a target due to the valuable medical records of patients. Our mission is to research and develop cost effective solutions and next gen tools for the industry to keep hacker at the bay” said Ms Nikitha Venkatesh, Cyber Security Expert at Digiport Technologies LLC. Dubai.
NMC Pro Vita is a leader in proactive cyber security adoption as it provides a wide array of services across the region in healthcare and rehabilitation. The move to invest in advanced tech solutions assures its commitment to the stakeholders.