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UAE Cybersecurity Council warns of threat of New Year attack

The UAE Cybersecurity Council has warned public and private institutions, as well as individuals, of the risk of cyber-attacks, especially during the New Year celebrations and the holiday season.

The council highlighted the need for all authorities and institutions to activate their cyber-defence systems and raise the security awareness of individuals about cyber-attacks, as well as cooperate with relevant authorities to share relevant information proactively.

It also noted that hacking tools have now become easier to use, enabling hackers to take advantage of the holiday season, especially with the increasing dependence on digital services.

UAE cyber-security threat

The council warned of all types of cyber-attacks against vital sectors, stressing the importance of adopting cybersecurity policies and protection mechanisms, as well as raising the awareness of public and private institutions and individuals, which will play a key role in protecting the community against malicious-cyber attacks.

The council pointed out that many countries have witnessed the rapid digital transformation in services and daily transactions, which has increased the risks posed by cyber-attacks against various sectors, including electricity, gas and water.

A recent survey by Cisco of general consumers across UAE revealed majority respondents are increasingly fearful of their connected devices being hacked and attacked.

The survey, which polled 1,001 consumers, identified “red flags” consumers must stay vigilant of, especially as the country is moving into digitisation