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Our Robotics Solutions meets your expectations 92% improved compliance, 90% refined accuracy, and 86% improved productivity

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is automating repetitive manual tasks using machine learning models improve business performance at reasonable costs.It does not demand any IT infrastructure changes and usually works hand in hand with your existing solutions. RPA helps organizations to digitally transform their business processes quickly across all the industries such as healthcare, telecoms, energy, utilities, manufacturing, banking, insurance and retail.


Our expertise

Digiport is a team of experts in RPA based in Dubai, and we are known to cut down costs for businesses, thereby overcome their operational challenges. We use state of the art solutions to build customized bots that can complement the efforts of your employees without additional hiring needs. Our clients have been able to successfully deploy their resources into more productive tasks by handing over their existing repetitive tasks to our bots.

Digiport makes your business complete by providing consistent assistance, training periods, and support for the best user experience.


Process Automation

Process Automation helps to make processes more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent while reducing your costs. Save your time and create an overall operational efficiency in processes like data entry tasks, invoicing, reconciliations, insurance processing, eligibility checks etc.


Do you want quick and easy automated support? We can help you with Chatbots that will take care of customer engagement for your business with defined business rules. It generates leads, take feedback, book appointments, offer pricing, send product lists, attend enquiries, provide guidance etc. to your customers 24/7 with no resource cost at all. Chat bot based engagement add direct value to the bottom line of your business with effective customer acquisition and retention.


Compliance is the new buzzword and so is e-KYC. The increasing compliance costs and the indirect expenses due to non-compliance and improper customer data is an upcoming challenge for businesses worldwide. With our e- KYC solution which is a paperless process, the complete credentials of the customer are electronically verified at a quick speed. It is reliable, authentic, and customer friendly. We offer APIs to your software platforms to easily integrate and Know your customers better.

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Key Benefits

     Automate repetitive tasks that does not need a human resource.

     Reduce the TAT for business process and hence attain operational excellence.

     Bots that work 24/7 and hence work gets done across all time zones

     High productivity while reducing costs.

     Avoid human errors

     High level of security

     Better customer experience

     No infrastructure change

●     Immediate ROI

experts in field

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